Chapter One Sourced

I’ve finally added all the features to complete the annotated preview of Chapter One. It now has a bibliography, and the endnotes have citations (all in my rough attempt at MLA format). The endnotes are also hyperlinked, so you can click on the superscripted numbers in the chapter to jump to the relevant endnote and vice-versa. The preview is still a draft, and I will likely edit its content several times, but what you see now is the basic framework I have in mind for annotated fiction.

This project has taught me that maintaining historical accuracy is ten times more difficult when your cast includes actual historical figures. I’m looking forward to the novel’s second act when I introduce more original characters. You can expect fewer research notes then, especially as the plot diverges further into alternate history.

I’m also playing around with this site’s color scheme. That is also subject to change.

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