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History Trivia #6: William Penn Slandered: Jesuit and Deceased?

I’m reading an article, A Vindication of William Penn by Philip Ford, and Other Papers Relating to the Settlement of Pennsylvania by Frederick Stone. Penn spent much of his life having religious debates and made many enemies. The article says he was slandered (I assume they mean libeled) by enemies in England shortly after…

History Trivia #5: The History of the Eye-roll

I’m editing the first preview chapter (these previews are drafts; expect unannounced changes until further notice), and I noticed some details that I hadn’t fully researched. For example, there’s an instance when a character rolls their eyes in annoyance. I took this for granted on the first draft, but this time I realized that I…

Novel Update – February 2023

I apologize that I haven’t posted more preview content this month. My plan is still to add a version of each chapter with historical notes, then continue with more preview chapters. When I first announced this novel last year, I predicted that I would finish it by April, 2023. This will not happen, and I…

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