Novel Update – November 2022

As you may have noticed, I did not provide the promised sample chapter earlier this month. I’m very sorry. However, it should be ready by this weekend.

Novel Update – October 2022

I promised to release a sample chapter of the novel this month. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get it to a place where I’m ready to release. Sorry to disappoint you. But I do plan to finish my edits within the next week. Watch here for more updates.

History Trivia #3: Penn’s Wives

I constantly come across fascinating details in my research which neither belong in the novel nor offer enough material for a full essay here. Instead, I’m going to try shorter posts with random bite-sized topics as a compromise. Enjoy. Bloody According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word bloody has been used by the English … Continue reading History Trivia #3: Penn’s Wives

Novel Update – September 2022

As promised, I will release a teaser chapter for my upcoming novel The Hole in Philadelphia in October. Keep an eye on this blog for further details soon. In the past, I tried to include some history trivia with each monthly update, but I’ve decided to separate these into two exclusive kinds of posts.


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