Plan for the Novel

Here are details about my upcoming novel

  • The novel’s title is The Hole in Philadelphia
  • It’s an alternate history set in the frontier city of Philadelphia at the start of the 20th century
  • The plot concerns a detective’s search for a missing person
  • The missing person hates the detective and doesn’t want to be found
  • The detective is a glorified park ranger at a park that happens to be the world’s most popular tourist attraction
  • The park is popular because guests experience euphoria and other exciting mood swings
  • The park occasionally unleashes a pestilence which threatens the city with extinction
  • It’s a comedy
  • I take historical fiction seriously: the story will be a lush, exhaustively-researched tour of the era

Here is my plan

  • The publication date of the novel has not yet been determined
  • I will post at least one update on this website per month
  • Preview chapters will be posted when ready
  • Each chapter will have an alternate version with historical notes and citations

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