Thoughts about site content

Here are some thoughts for the future of this space. This post doubles as a check that the comment system works, so please share your thoughts. This post triples as a check that the subscription system works, so please let me know if you did not receive a notification of this being posted.

Blog Intensity Level 1

I will certainly share business news concerning my next book. These include details such as due dates, samples, requests for beta readers, etc. If this is the only subject I share, this will be a very inactive site, but I’ll have more time for other things.

Blog Intensity Level 2

I’ve also considered writing productivity updates. I admire the radical accountability of the Brandon Sanderson “progress bars and status reports” approach. If the community wants to see posts like “400 words typed today” or “ch 7 out of 18 drafted”, then I may do so. I read author blogs to understand their process, so perhaps being candid with my process offers value for you.

That said, I also admire the Gabe Newell code of silence. Total control over consumer expectations is a tempting thing.

Blog Intensity Level 3

The above are the practical options of using this site to support this particular project, not for entertainment. I have some interest in using this space as a personal blog as well. The most on-topic version would be to focus on my writing opinions. For example, a post on the challenges in researching authentic dialogue for historical fiction.

Blog Intensity Level 4

The most libertine option is to use this space to write about whatever crosses my mind. This will probably tend towards my opinions on media, but no promises. Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts about site content

  1. My vote is 4 if you’re comfortable with it. But it _is_ important that you’re comfortable with it. Writing a ‘whatever goes’ blog is kind of like writing a diary that’s public, and you might come to regret it.
    If not, my vote goes to 2. Productivity Updates are always nice for bringing up hype, and 3 will almost inevitably bleed into 4 so I don’t vote that.

    (Obviously go with whatever is most comfortable for you, though. If ten people vote 4, don’t feel obligated to make this an anything goes blog.)


  2. I would like to see Blog Intensity Level 3. Level 4 might be a bit too much… an unfocused blog won’t have the value, either for you or for us, of one that retains a mission statement.


  3. I would suggest Level 1.

    Get us more new content instead of blog posts!

    I received the email notifying me about this post.


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